Maryland Prepaid College Trust - How To Make Changes To Your Account

If you are an existing Maryland Prepaid College Trust Account Holder, you can now update your mailing address, phone number and e-mail address online. For other changes to your account, or if you prefer to make address and phone number changes by mail, please select from the list below:

  • Update your address online, or by mail.
  • Change the beneficiary of your Account.
  • Change the account holder of your Account.
  • Change the Tuition Plan or Payment Option of your Account.
  • Authorize Automatic Payments - use this form to request and authorize monthly contributions from your bank account.
  • Authorize Payroll Deduction –


    • Maryland State Employees - Use this form if you are a State or University of Maryland employee paid by Central Payroll and you would like payments to the Prepaid College Trust to be automatically deducted from your paycheck. Please return the completed form to the College Savings Plans of Maryland and NOT to Central Payroll.

    • Non-Maryland State Employees - Please contact the Maryland Prepaid College Trust for instructions.
  • Use your Tuition Benefits:
    Benefits Claim Form – Please keep in mind that you are not eligible to use tuition benefits from your Prepaid College Trust account in any semester that your beneficiary is enrolled for less than 6 credit hours (see Article IV – Benefits in your Contract for a complete discussion of Benefits).

Benefits Claim Form

Request a refund or reduced refund from my Maryland Prepaid College Trust Account.

  • Rollover assets from another 529 program to your Maryland Prepaid College Trust Account.
  • Enroll a Beneficiary in one of the plans offered by the College Savings Plans of Maryland.
  • Gift Contribution Slip - Make a gift contribution to an existing account.