Maryland College Investment Plan - How To Make Changes to your Account

The following changes can be made most easily by logging in to your account:

  • Changing your address and/or telephone number
  • Changing your email address
  • If you have already established Automatic Monthly Contributions (AMC), you may change the amount of your AMC as well as the day(s) of the month you are contributing. You also have the ability to stop your AMC.
  • If your banking instructions are on file, you may make a one-time contribution.

If you do not wish to make the above changes online, or if you need to take different action, download the appropriate form below:

Form Name


Account Services Form
Make changes to contact information, bank information, Automatic Monthly Contributions (AMC), or add/change banking information for Electronic Funds Transfers.

Adobe PDF Icon

Account Holder Change Form
Change the Account Holder or Custodian, add an Account Holder’s Successor, update an address for a current Account Holder’s Successor.

Adobe PDF Icon

Beneficiary/Portfolio Change Form
Change the Beneficiary to a Member of the Family of the current Beneficiary as defined in the College Investment Plan Disclosure Statement. Move money or transfer from one portfolio to another portfolio.

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Rollover Form
Request a rollover from another 529 savings plan.

Rollover Form

Distribution Form
Request a distribution from your account.

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Custodian Removal Form
Remove a custodian.

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Maryland State Employee Payroll Deduction Form
Initiate, change or cancel payroll deductions.

Maryland State Employee Payroll Deduction Form

Investment Slip
Make an additional contribution to your account.

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Gift Contribution Forms and Certificates
Make a gift contribution to an existing account or open your own savings account.

Tax Refund Direct Deposit Form

Deposit your tax refund into your account.