We make enrolling in the College Savings Plans of Maryland easy.

Before enrolling in the College Savings Plans of Maryland, be sure to read the entire Enrollment Kit. You can download the enrollment kit online or request it by mail   (include your name and address in the body of the email).

How to Enroll


Follow the steps below to enroll in the Prepaid College Trust, College Investment Plan, or both.


Prepaid College Trust

College Investment Plan

The next online enrollment period will be available December 4, 2014- April 15, 2015.

Newborns can be enrolled outside the online enrollment period with the paper enrollment form.

Online enrollment and paper enrollment are available year round.

  1. Read the Enrollment Kit 
  2. Choose a tuition plan for your desired number of semester or years of college
  3. Choose the payment plan that best fits your family’s budget
  4. Enroll- There are two ways:
  • Online  (credit card, ACH or check are accepted for enrollment fee(s). Credit cards cannot be used for payments other than enrollment fees).
  • Paper Form – download  the kit or request it by mail  

  1. Read the Enrollment Kit 
  2. Choose one or more investment options
  3. Choose how much and how often you wish to contribute
  4. Enroll – There are two ways: