September is College Savings Month

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September is College Savings Month.  This National campaign is focused on helping people know about 529 plans and encouraging parents, friends, and family members to start saving for education.  

Did You Know?....

CSM Cap 529 Plans can be used for ADULTS and children
CSM Cap 529 Plans can be used at eligible trade and technical schools as well as eligible community colleges and 4 year universities
CSM Cap Having savings over a period of years may raise a young person’s educational expectations. Higher expectations may lead to increased academic efforts and achievement. *
CSM Cap Youth who have school savings are almost four times more likely to attend a four-year college than youth with no account. *
CSM Cap 9 in 10 parents of children under 18 think it likely their child will attend college or some higher education. **
CSM Cap 62% of parents of college-bound children are saving for education, trailing only retirement as a savings priority. **

Ready to Save?....

Here are some things to help you with the next steps:

  • View our Online Webinar - this 30 minute presentation from our Executive Director Joan Marshall will cover many of the common questions about both plans.  Click HERE to watch online
  • Learn More by Reading the Enrollment Kit - this booklet will cover all of the details of the Plans.  Click HERE to view online.
  • View the Frequently Asked Questions - there are common questions that people have about the plans.  We try to cover them HERE
  • Contact Us -  there are several ways to get a hold of us.  Call 1.888.4MD.GRAD or send us an email to  For all the options click HERE



* From the Center for Social Development study: The Role of Savings and Wealth in Reducing "Wilt" between Expectations and College Attendance. William Elliott III and Sondra Beverly, 2010.
** From How America Saves for College, Sallie Mae and Gallop, 2009.