Investment Options

Choose an Appropriate Investment Option For Your Investment Goals.

There's no single investment strategy perfect for everyone. We all have different financial needs and priorities. That's why the Maryland College Investment Plan offers a variety of investment options, including Enrollment-Based portfolios and Fixed portfolios. You can invest in either investment track or use a combination of both.

Enrollment-Based Portfolios.

Enrollment-Based portfolios are tailored to a student’s expected year of college enrollment and are periodically adjusted to become more conservatively invested as the student gets closer to entering college. There are seven Enrollment-Based portfolios, ranging from 100% stock funds designed for students who are 17 years or more away from college enrollment, to a conservative allocation designed for students already in or about to enter college.

Enrollment Based Small
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Fixed Portfolios.

Fixed portfolios invest in a pre-determined mix of stock and/or bond funds, and the investment mix remains relatively constant. There are six Fixed portfolios to choose from: Equity, Global Equity Market Index, Balanced, Bond and Income, Inflation Focused Bond and U.S. Treasury Money Market. Depending on your goals and risk tolerance, choose the more aggressive Equity Portfolio, the more conservative U.S. Treasury Money Market Portfolio, or something in between.

Fixed Portfolio Chart

Choose the Asset Mix That Works for Your Savings Goal.

You can choose the Fixed or Enrollment-Based portfolio that best meets your needs, or invest in several different portfolios for diversification. Each time you make an additional contribution, you're free to select a new portfolio.

Once you invest in any of these portfolios, all or a portion of your account can be moved to any other investment option twice per calendar year for each beneficiary.