5.29 College Savings Day

529 Day

May 29th is College Savings Day. It’s meant to serve as a day to raise awareness about saving for future education costs and it’s also a day to take action. 

The College Savings Plans of Maryland is an easy, affordable and smart way to save for your child's education at nearly any college in the nation. Starting to save now, or contributing more to your account, could mean borrowing less in the future. We offer two distinct and flexible plans that will help you accomplish your goals and help give your child a head start. Also, they’re the only 529 plans that offer a Maryland State income deduction for Maryland taxpayers. 


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Maryland Prepaid College Trust lets you save for tomorrow’s tuition at today’s prices.  

Maryland College Investment Plan is managed by T. Rowe Price and offers a variety of investment portfolios for you to use to save for college. 

Celebrate 5.29 College Savings Day:


Many people have misconceptions about 529 Plans. Download the 5.29 College Savings Day Biggest Myths PDF or, watch our FAQ videos to help answer any questions or clear up any misconceptions you may have.